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Welcome to City Farmer Jack!

Happy New Year  from City Farmer Jack.  The snow is gone but if your feet are cold just watch the video below of our warm and convenient footware.  

 Robins Flay




Further down this home page you can watch the friendly ferrets or link the the Bat Habitat page and watch Gomez and his friends,


 Click below and watch Farmer Jack' Friendly Ferretts - cavorte with their dog friend





Next  watch Gomez and all his bat friends welcome you to the Bat Habitat page.   If you are lucky you can see them fly by.  - Learn about  All the interesting things you can find on this website . Watch the Video on Snappy Slipper Socks, then click Apparel and see all the Snappy Slipper Socks you can buy




Trying to sell the Snappy Slipper Socks to Hickey Freeman Company as part of their Official 2016 Summer Olympics Wardrobe.  Comming down to the wire on that one.


In the process of switching from streaming the Bat activity in my house to filming a young pair of Robins nesting on my back deck.  Stay turn for that one.


Downsizing my Art collection of personally made wood frames & stained glass wall hangings..  Sales have been slow, if non- existent entirely.


Exercising and eating properly to lose some weight.  Very difficult now that Festival Season is in full swing!  Biding my Time till the next project Pops up.  Busy maintaining various posts FaceBook.


Got my 2016 garden in around the 1st of May.  I'm going to try growing Okra again even though it's not suspose to do well this far North.  Potatoes chips have been the staple in our diet for years and I'm going to try to market, "Maddy's Okra Chips", as a viable & healthier alternative.  Sandwich size baggies I hope will stimulate interests. All depends on how good a crop I get.




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